Hi there! I'm Reverend Maryjane Lavendier-Shea , C.HT, Reiki Master, Energy Healer. For many decades I worked as a psychic reader in the Conejo Valley. Then one day it wasn’t enough to be able to tell people what was going to happen in their lives. I wanted to be able help them to change.



  • I had a difficult experience in life. It was filled with betrayals, loss, and hardships. My abusive childhood and subsequent early marriage had left me unprepared for the challenges of adulthood.

  • Through out most of my life I felt like I didn’t really belong here and that something valuable that everyone else had was somehow missing in my life.

  • I knew two things that were true for me. I was a good person and God loved me. Those two simple beliefs served me well. They provided me with a foundation to explore spirituality and to heal. I wanted to know why I had so much suffering in my life and how I could change it. I discovered a talent and started giving psychic readings. I started Laying on of Hands( early form of energy healing).

  • I went everywhere. I studied every healing modality I could find. I learned Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Reiki, and many other meditation techniques. I went to Ministerial school and became a Spiritualist Minister and learned to work with spirits on the other side. I studied an ancient form of Tibetan Buddhism and subsequently dove into Indigenous Wisdom with The Medicine Wheel.

  • I learned that reincarnation is a fact and that Earth is a school for our Souls. We return here lifetime after lifetime. Another simple truth revealed itself. We are all broken somewhere. Everything I learned could be used to help everyone around me.

    Out of this my Life’s work has evolved.

Services & Pricing

I do energy healing for land and people . Calling upon our Divine Friend’ s from all Faith traditions as well as the Ancient Names we have known God/Goddess/ All that is. You have a multidimensional energy field . You exist beyond the time and space of the limited 3rd dimension. I clear out the blockages and discordant energy, on the subtlest of levels and layers. Then I add Light, this Light heals.


  • Energy Healing session 90 minutes. -$125.00

  • Reiki- 30 minutes -$ 95

  • Hara line activation -$150.00

  • Psychic Reading -$ 95

  • Travel - $150 a day + expenses


Give yourself the gift of a stable, happy life.

God is the great Creative Power at your disposal.




Maryjane Lavendier-Shea is an energy worker who has transformed my life. She has worked with me over the last two years through some Very Big Life Changes. I do not think that I would have faired as well or even gotten out of some toxic relationships if it had not been for regular healing sessions with her. I am so very grateful she has come into my life.
— Ac Reeves
The Divine Presence is definitely brought forward through Rev. Maryjane. I can honestly say I experience God’s Pure Living Healing Energy. I felt the most powerful sense of love in my heart; absolutely knowing it was God loving me. Her sessions release spiritual blocks, bringing you clarity, peace, and help anchor in a stronger spiritual practice.
— Marlene Brown
I had a wonderful session with Rev. Maryjane. Some habitual blocks came up and were released, leaving space and freedom available that are rarely present. My limiting humanness asked how to keep them from returning. We came up with an angelic sort of being who would be with me and help keep the blocks away. We named him Ralphy. On my way home, there was a lovely black Mercedes sedan in the next lane with the license plate”RALPHY”. Spirit really is with us and has a sense of humour.
— Pam B.
Maryjane is a wonderful facilitator of Spiritual Healing and Divine guidance. I have received several sessions from her and her work is very moving and deep. She holds space for her clients or rather brothers and sisters on the path in a wonderfully caring way.
— Barbara Meneses, Spain


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